Welcome to a small little corner. What kind of corner you may ask? Well, generally it has a floor and two walls as corners are prone to doing. If you look high enough, you might perhaps see a ceiling, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

As you turn around, you are astounded at how you missed everything else that was here. Why the hell you were so prone to staring at that corner is beyond anyone. The hallway is lined with doors. Hundreds. Most are locked, but upon further inspection there are a few that seem to be open.

Care to try one?

Amongst the thousands of doors that flow down into the seemingly unending horizon, there is only one door right now that seems unlocked. It is a minty green hue. Behind it you can hear the moans of the dying, the undying, and the damned.

Make your choice:
Open the minty, howling, screaming door or the undead.